Arch Linux in December 2023 #

Staff #

We would like to welcome Jakub Klinkovský (lahwaacz) as part of the Arch Linux Package Maintainer team.

User meetup #

During the 37th Chaos Communication Congress (37C3), we hosted a user meetup. At this event, we presented our latest achievements and developments. Additionally, we held an open Q&A session to engage and connect with our community.

dbscripts #

We performed a thorough cleanup of the codebase, removing all legacy SVN functionality that is no longer necessary.

Furthermore, a critical locking issue was resolved, which previously allowed the same file descriptor to be reused multiple times. This correction ensures that each lock is properly maintained, addressing concurrency locking issues and preventing inconsistent states.

Infrastructure #

We have rolled out Keycloak 23, to utilize the latest features and fixes for our central Single Sign-On (SSO) system at

Additionally, we’ve activated the Account Console version 3, which grants us access to its custom field support, specifically designed in conjunction with the ‘User Profile’ feature.


We proposed and accepted an RFC to make dbus-broker our default D-Bus daemon, while still allowing the venerable dbus-daemon to be used and minimizing the disruption of existing installations.

Furthermore an RFC has been proposed to add -fno-omit-frame-pointer and -mno-omit-leaf-frame-pointer to the default compilation flags to improve the effectiveness of profiling and debugging tools.