Arch Linux in December 2021 #

Staff #

We are happy to welcome Segaja among the Trusted Users.

Monthly Report #

We have switched the format of the monthly report to specifically report the progress of the whole previous month.

Debug packages #

The dbscripts repository handling for debug packages has successfully been merged and deployed. Successive integration has been submitted to devtools as well as pacman improvements related to PKGINFO and debugedit.

Keyring #

As the last step of migrating our keyring to a new tooling and a local source of truth we have re-boostrapped the trust with an initial import of the old trust data into the new curated data structure 6. We are still inviting people to look at the current trust data and cross verify the results.

pacman #

A new library dependency feature has been submitted to makepkg. At the end of package building, makepkg will look in the library directories and auto add a library provide that packages can auto depend on.

Patches were submitted to alternatively choose asignify for package signatures while keeping gnupg as default in place.


With the availability of the latest devtools release a lot of freshly updated packages were built with LTO. We have encountered different set of issues that needed to be tackled. Some language specific problems have popped up including but not limited to Go and Rust that require some documentation and adjustments.

ArchWiki #

After being broken for almost four months, ArchWiki is once again readable on small screens.