Arch Linux in August 2023 #

Staff #

We would like to welcome Tomaz Canabrava (tcanabrava) as part of the Arch Linux Package Maintainer team.

AURWeb #

In AURWeb v6.2.7, we primarily focused on bug fixes while revamping Prometheus metrics. We introduced new measures like request tracking and cache-hit/miss ratios for search queries, enhancing our ability to make development decisions and aiding the AUR moderation team in identifying trends.

Collaborating with the DevOps team, we introduced a CI/CD feature called Review Apps. This feature enables us to create virtual machines running AURWeb for each merge request, facilitating change showcases, manual testing, and involving a wider audience for performance, stress-testing, and UI verification.


We proposed and accepted an RFC to define the default of not using PyPI for Python package sources and only use the platform if there is no other alternative. You can find more details about this RFC on GitLab. By making this change, we ensure to have a more reliable and less cumbersome default.

Trademark Policy #

We’ve relocated our Trademark Policy from the Developer area of the ArchWiki to the service-agreements GitLab repository, which is published at This move centralizes all legal documents, ensuring consistent collaboration across our service agreement materials.