Arch Linux in February 2022 #

Staff #

sudoforge has applied to become a Trusted User and the vote is currently in progress.

On top we would like to welcome freswa and Foxboron to their new additional duties as Arch Linux Developers.

Furthermore we have onboarded the project maintainers Torxed (archinstall) and kevr (aurweb) as Arch Linux support staff.

Last but not least we held our bi-yearly Arch Linux Project Leader election where Levente Polyák was re-elected. Further details about future plans, priorities and discussed topics will be posted to our arch-dev-public mailinglist.

Aurweb #

With the v6.0.0 release, aurweb now runs on Python using the Starlette/FastAPI framework. A complete list of changes from v6.0.0 up to the current patch (v6.0.6) can be viewed at GitLab.

Regarding there have been some modifications to the RPC API endpoints which have broken some clients in AUR helpers.

Toolchain #

A new toolchain has been released to our stable repositories including gcc 11.2.0, binutils 2.38 and glibc 2.35. Frederik has joined forces with Giancarlo as an additional toolchain maintainer and helps to reduce the workload.

archlinux-keyring #

Giancarlo Razzolini has been added as a new main key holder and will provide trust to our packaging keys by verifying and signing them.