Arch Linux in July 2022 #

archlinux-keyring #

The archlinux-keyring package gained a systemd service and timer unit which updates existing PGP keys used by pacman on user systems by default on a weekly basis from Arch Linux’s web key directory (WKD)[0]. This service is meant to remove the necessity for most cases of “first upgrade your archlinux-keyring and then do a system upgrade” until pacman itself will be able to deal with this scenario natively.

A new main signing key 75BD80E4D834509F6E740257B1B73B02CC52A02A was added to the keyring. Efforts to sign all active packager keys with it are ongoing, currently around 85% of the existing keys have been signed already.

pacman #

Extend –print-format with all expac format strings which can be easily added without conversions and through a simple C macro.

Wiki #

After almost three years, the Lockdown extension is finally disabled and the recent changes page, page history and others are once again visible without having to log in. [1]

repod #

A first release has been made, which supports rudimentary validation, inspection of package files and is available in the official repositories (see this blog post [2] for an overview).

Help with the development of the project would be much appreciated.

[0] https://gitlab.archlinux.org/archlinux/archlinux-keyring/-/commit/e5a2665a4ce96718ca2308907f16828ae5a3cb98
[1] https://gitlab.archlinux.org/archlinux/infrastructure/-/merge_requests/597
[2] https://sleepmap.de/2022/managing-binary-package-repositories/