Arch Linux in November 2022 #

Git packaging sources #

We made huge progress towards finally being able to migrate from SVN to Git for package sources. The core projects responsible for our package build, workflow and release, namely dbscripts and devtools reached production grade adjustments to achieve the transition.

Furthermore we have started to document and outline our Roadmap with the Git packaging as its first item. This Epic can be followed to outline the full dependencies including child issues and child epics for everything that needs to be handled or adjusted afterwards.

The next stop in this journey will be to propose the migration with all workflow details to arch-dev-public in the following days.

infrastructure #

We have migrated our Keycloak 17 instance to the recommended Quarkus distribution which removes the /auth from the context-path. This change required all OAuth clients to be adjusted. Furthermore we are now monitoring our Keycloak intance with UptimeRobot.

arch-install-scripts #

A new version v28 has been released which mostly contains bugfixes.

mkinitcpio #

Development has moved to the Arch Linux GitLab instance. A new version v33 has been released with a lot of improvements. Furthermore the existing test suite has been heavily extended and migrated to bash bats.

keyringctl #

We have started splitting out the keyringctl python code from our archlinux-keyring repository so we can independently develop and release the tooling.

Furthermore we have started testing and will soon integrate a streamlined way to create new main key signatures including automatic uid verifications.

archlinux-keyring #

We have replaced one of our main signing key as follows:

pacman #

Some time ago it was decided to migrate the pacman development from the Mailing List to the Gitlab instance hosted by Arch Linux. We have now outlined a plan for the next steps to finally complete the GitLab migration.

repod #

A talk about the current state of things will be held during HIP between 27th - 30th December 2022: “Pacman can have the cookies and eat the ghosts too”.


We are formalizing an RFC to declare SPDX license identifiers in PKGBUILDs. SPDX, or Software Package Data Exchange, was formed by the Linux Foundation as a well-defined standard for software bill of material information.

Staff #

We would like to welcome tpkessler among the Arch Linux Package Maintainers.