Arch Linux in October 2022 #

mkinitcpio #

mkinitcpio v32 has been released which adds support for zst compressed firmware for future kernel versions as well as various fixes and adjustments.

pacman #

pacman 6.0.2 has been released which fixes multiple issues with debug packages. On top pacman-key has been adjusted to do a single gpg trustdb check instead of one after each key revocation. Furthermore various fixes have been added related to clang lto, reproducible packages containing sparse files and other fixes.

python-bootstrap #

To build python-setuptools for Python 3.11 one needs python-setuptools. The same bootstrapping issue exists for other Python packages, which provide (PEP517) build backends and are required for building the remaining ecosystem from scratch.

In the future we want to rely on python-bootstrap to allow us to transparently bootstrap the Python ecosystem on a new release and document the workflow. Not all initially required packages are defined yet, but a first attempt at bootstrapping has been completed.

OpenSSL 3 #

The OpenSSL 3 rebuild started with the latest version 3.0.7 which will hopefully land soon in the [testing] repository.