Arch Linux in June 2022 #

devtools #

The new devtools release brings in several new additions. First and foremost the export-pkgbuild-keys script in combination with commitpkg ensures we export all validpgpkeys into the source tree. The local keys cache will allow us to operate without remote PGP keyservers for the most part.

Furthermore the new diffpkg tool allows to automatically diff a package file against the current repository version or another package file. Multiple diff modes allow comparing archive listings, the whole content via diffoscope or the .PKGINFO and .BUILDINFO metadata.

Last but not least we have added x86_64_v3 builders as a first step towards more optimized architectures. The scripts and configs can be used for testing purposes.

archlinux.page #

In cooperation with SPI and Gandi a new archlinux.page domain has been acquired to host the documentation of projects related to Arch Linux.

First deployments are already available on the following subdomains:

archiso #

The official installation ISO image can now boot on IA32 UEFI.


The annual SPI report for member projects updates has been submitted and will be available shortly through SPI.

glibc #

The glibc package ships with the C.UTF-8 locale available by default.