Arch Linux in May 2022 #

Staff #

We would like to welcome Slithery among our Forum Admins.

Furthermore fukawi2 has stepping down as Forum Admin. We would like to express appreciation for all the work through the years.

Last but not least we held our first Mediator election where Andrea Denisse Gómez-Martínez (denisse), David Runge (dvzrv) and Morgan Adamiec (morganamilo) were elected. This has implemented the previously ratified RFC-0009. An official mediation program in our organization helps to settle disputes and provides a clear escalation path.

gnome boxes #

Gnome boxes now supports installing Arch Linux from an ISO using our GeoIP mirror.

mailman3 #

We started migrating our mailing lists from mailman2 to mailman3. The migration is handled list by list by DevOps.

All mailman3 lists will have their From header kept unmangled, preserving the sent mail as is hence allowing to validate DKIM signatures.