Arch Linux in July 2023 #

Staff #

We would like to welcome Mario Oenning (moson) as new Arch Linux Support Staff Member.

devtools #

arch-nspawn is now utilizing a distinct scope name instead of the previous --keep-unit approach. This allows for the creation of a dedicated scope, placing the container within a slice hierarchy which allows a more precise resource control. This enhancement will be part of the next release.

Additionally, we’ve released version v1.0.3, featuring several enhancements and bug fixes. This version enables the building of unofficial packages containing unsupported architectures and implements measures to ensure the PKGBUILD file is version controlled for new repositories.

gluebuddy #

Gluebuddy, in its latest release v0.5.6, brings an enhancement by automatically providing tag protection for the entire Arch Linux namespace. This feature ensures that all tags are safeguarded, contributing to the integrity and security of our repositories.

Bugtracker migration #

Building upon the successful migration of packaging sources to Git, we are now focused on transferring our bug tracking from Flyspray to GitLab. Our progress can be monitored through archlinux/infrastructure#522.

We have made substantial advancements in this process, including the preparation of labels for efficient bug management, the initial implementation of bugbuddy to streamline assignment of maintainers and labels, and a thorough revamp of the Flyspray to GitLab conversion tool flyspray2gitlab, with preliminary tests carried out in separate namespaces.


We’ve completed and submitted the Software in the Public Interest (SPI) annual project update report for the year 2022. This brief report outlines our achievements, developments, and contributions over the past year.