Arch Linux in December 2022 #

The wiki went dark 🌗 #

Thanks to the effort of Blake Wilson in completing the process previously attempted by killertofus to add Extension:DarkMode, it’s lights out for ArchWiki!

All you creatures of the dark can now click on “Dark mode” in the user menu to experience the soothing darkness. The preference is stored in the database, so it is only remembered for logged-in users and sadly there is no prefers-color-scheme support. Persistent people can probably find some ways to append a usedarkmode=1 query parameter to wiki URLs.

Decommission patchwork #

We have decommissioned and replaced it with a static copy. As announced on the mailing list pacman has been migrated to gitlab and there is no real use for patchwork left. A static copy is kept around for the time being to avoid link rot.

Debug packages by default #

We have enabled the debug package option globally in devtools. Any subsequently built packages will package debug symbols by default. Currently the debug packages are only exposed via debuginfod and will be exposed to our mirrors in the future.

Git packaging sources #

A huge amount of time has went into the ongoing development and iteration of the new pkgctl tooling. We are currently focusing on stability and a fluent user experience. Some work has been started to be able to provide a proof of concept environment in January.

The state of ruby #

After a few month of trying to de-vendor the ruby 3.0 stdlib gems we have decided to stop the effort as we ran into more problems and ruby itself highly recommends to not do this. This also means that with the de-vendored setup we would get no support from upstream for any issues we have with the ruby interpreter.

We have now started to update ruby to 3.1 and will proceed afterwards with 3.2.