Arch Linux in February 2023 #

Git packaging sources #

All major workflow and usability requirements for the pkgctl tooling have been finished and a experimental devtools-git-poc package has been put into the repositories. Furthermore the proof of concept sandbox environment has been set up and rolled out to anyone interested in testing. In the current phase we will collect feedback to catch bugs and further usability improvements. We are still very eagerly seeking for more testers.

what can I do for Arch Linux #

Our new contributor website https://whatcanidofor.archlinux.org has been announced. We would like to express gratitude towards the current, past as well as initial contributors for getting the ball on the road. There have been some changes since the announcement, including the Arch navbar more or less being implemented and a decent amount of work in general.

FOSDEM 2023 #

A lot of arch staff has visited FOSDEM 2023 in Brussels, where we exchanged ideas, hacked on projects and participated in the open-source conference shenanigans. Overall it was a great event that yet again improved our team spirit.

Foxboron held a talk at FOSDEM, he showcased how Arch Linux implemented support for debug packages in 2022, the improvement that was made to the pacman package manager, the infrastructure changes that were needed and how debug packages are distributed through debuginfod.