Arch Linux in January 2022 #

Staff #

We have on-boarded wiki maintainers as part of our official staff and wish a warm welcoming.

We would also like to welcome BrainDamage among the Arch IRC op team.

Debug packages #

The required devtools release is live, which handles debug packages and makes sure to release them when available.

Currently we have a debuginfod service which is capable of delivering source listings and debug symbols to users with gdb, delve and other debuggers. This can be enabled by installing the debuginfod package and setting the environment variable DEBUGINFOD_URLS="https://debuginfod.archlinux.org". The debuginfod package is also going to be providing this variable.

devtools #

The devtools project has migrated to GitLab as well including all currently open merge requests and issues. Unfortunately the migrated merge requests are just a branch, in case the original authors want to update them, please resubmit the patches.

Keyring #

Our new keyring tooling has completely replaced the old usage and data storage. We have merged the new curated keyring data and released the first few keyrings using the new curated tooling and data.

Furthermore we have added more packager keys with @archlinux.org uids so we can make sure all important keys will be reachable through our own WKD.

Gluebuddy #

A new helper tool named gluebuddy has been released and successfully rolled out. Gluebuddy helps devops to maintain certain aspects of our on and off-boarding with automation by syncing GitLab groups and project settings. This reduces the required manual work and ensures we have quicker on-boarding as well as do never forget to remove permissions for former staff.

linux-firmware #

The linux-firmware package has been split up to reduce download and installation size for most setups.

OpenSearch #

We have replaced the elasticsearch package stack with OpenSearch. On top we have started working towards adding Arch Linux to the official OpenSearch download page. Furthermore some progress has been made to allow reproducible builds